We are thankful for our staff and volunteers.  This week we added 3 new staff members.  Bryan Finken is joining us as our Field Director, Greg Clark is our Finance Director, and Christina Giaimo is Deputy Campaign Manager.  Please join us in welcoming these new team members. 

Also, our deputy field director Shenda Allen has been a rising star and has filled in wherever we need her!  Many thanks to Shenda.
Vote Rick Waugh!

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Rick Waugh in Relay for Life

Rick Waugh participated Friday in a Relay for Life event at Virginia Union University.   Rick is someone you can count on to help others.

Relay for Life, Virginia Union University

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As if Virginia couldn’t be humiliated enough by Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli’s biased, distracting, wasteful, political actions that are not part of his job, now Eric Cantor is supporting his suit against congressionally mandated health reform.  Frankly we find this odd, considering Cantor and his cronies are part of the Congress that mandated this legislation.  Do they not believe in their own branch of government?   Cantor, along with his House cronies, has signed an amicus brief filed by The American Center for Law and Justice.  
The ACLJ is a right-wing non-profit legal group.   Their mission, according to their website, says (in part) “By focusing on U.S. constitutional law, European Union law and human rights law, the ACLJ and its affiliated organizations are dedicated to the concept that freedom and liberty are universal, God-given and inalienable rights that must be protected.”   This statement is an oxymoron.  The United States Constitution protects us in the First Amendment from being forced to worship the same God as Pat Robertson.  The ACLJ also are big fighters for laws that prohibit women from taking care of their own bodies (even in Africa!).
Now, Eric Cantor is joining this fatuous fray.  What a waste!

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Eric Cantor Drifts Further Right

Tom Graves was elected Tuesday to the 9th District congressional seat in Georgia.  He was supported by Eric Cantor, despite other Republican candidates vying for the seat.  Graves has some recent professional financial difficulties , but neither voters nor Cantor seem to mind the defendant/candidate dichotomy.  Graves was also financially supported by “Club For Growth“, a Pro-Ayn Rand group which is associated with assisting Tea Party candidates across the nation.  They gave him $200,000.  I can’t help but think the ideologies of Club for Growth and The Tea Partiers will one day clash, but it seems to be a good working relationship now.
Here in the 7th District of Virginia, we are wondering why Eric Cantor is involving himself in elections and issues that have nothing to do with us.  After 10 years of it, I don’t know why we would question it anymore.  It doesn’t lessen our OUTRAGE at the waste of resources that could be used in the district, or helping the working people of America.  Cantor says that is what he does, but it just is not what he does.

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Actually, there is no bill, because Eric Cantor’s extraordinary fundraising capabilities enable him to pay cash.  The Washington Post reports Cantor’s “leadership” PAC, Every Republican Is Crucial PAC, raised over $2 million dollars this election cycle (2009-2010), more than any other on Capitol Hill.  Yes, $13,400 was spent on “popcorn, candy, cookies and chocolates”, while $136,000 provided Cantor and his friends good times at golf events, baseball games, resorts and restaurants.  
No wonder his constituents never see him.  The man’s busy.

At a moment in time when many Americans are suffering terribly from the Great Recession, Eric Cantor is living it up, using political donor money to play golf at exclusive clubs.  And of course he’s selling that time too, want to play golf with Eric Cantor?  Better have a check for $2,300 handy.

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Eric Cantor went on the record this year with remarks that he wants offshore drilling in Virginia’s waters to begin in the next twelve months.  In the wake of the greatest environmental disaster the world has seen in decades, you might expect him to change his mind, but if you had that expectation then you don’t know Eric Cantor.
Here you will find the following quote from Eric Cantor regarding President Obama’s recent moratorium on off-shore oil drilling in the United States.
“A comprehensive energy policy and the responsible production of American-made energy has the potential to create thousands of new jobs, reduce our reliance on foreign oil and ensure our national security. In times of crisis, we need steady leadership — not knee-jerk reactions — and I hope the administration reconsiders this decision.”
We take issue with characterizing this moratorium as a “knee-jerk” reaction.  Until BP can find a way to stop crude oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and arriving on our shores, we wouldn’t want to move forward with off-shore drilling anywhere, especially off the Virginia coast.  Obviously neither BP nor the  government knows how to deal with a worst-case environmental scenario, and NO OFFSHORE DRILLING should take place until a proven disaster prevention protocol is established, which appears to be a long time from now.
If oil drilling is Cantor’s idea of a “comprehensive” energy policy, we are in more trouble.  It is unconscionable.  Solar, wind, switchgrass, and nuclear power all have proven track records in producing energy, yet Cantor and his cronies refuse to break with Big Oil and Saudi Arabia.  Let’s take care of the current problem and get some fresh ideas out there.  Continuing to rely on non-renewable fuels — and so to put our security in the hands of the Middle East — is bad energy policy, bad environmental policy, and bad national security policy.  It will not change until someone with an open mind replaces Cantor in our House of Representatives.  This is your chance to make a difference, voters. Vote Rick Waugh if you want a sensible replacement for Cantor.

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In Remembrance

The late Argentinean writer Jose Narosky once said, “In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” 
Today we are remembering especially the ultimate sacrifice so many have made for the rest of us in this great country.  Our wish is for each family of the 4,400 US soldiers lost in Iraq and the 1000 US soldiers lost in Afghanistan to find comfort today, knowing how much we appreciate their loved one’s sacrifice.  We have not forgotten you.  We have not forgotten the thousands still fighting, and their loss of brothers and sisters in arms.
Blessings to all of you, and your families.

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