Cantor’s Job Fair: Too Little, Too Late

I don’t think there is anyone in the Seventh District who needs Eric Cantor to provide the information that “this continues to be a very tough economy.”   Career services and job fairs are important — so important that they deserve attention every day, not just two or three times every ten years.
The disappointing fact is that for ten years Eric Cantor has been sitting on his hands in Washington whenever he gets a call from a citizen of the District.  Meanwhile every day in his office he hosts what amounts to a job fair for lobbyists, oil executives, and financial schemers.  The people of the Seventh, the people whom he is supposed to represent, are not so lucky.  This is the third day in the last 18 months that Cantor has “hosted” a job fair in the District — work that he treats with no seriousness.  Cantor’s cynical campaign slogan is that he is “working for America”.  Who else would have the gall to work on the biggest problem in America only three times in 18 months?   Cantor is so out of touch that he seems to think it is fine to clock in once every six months!   Any American who has ever done an honest day’s labor can tell Cantor what he should expect to hear:  YOU’RE FIRED!
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