The Cynical Politics of YouCut

Eric Cantor’s YouCuts program is nothing more than posturing and preening for a gullible, angry demographic.  With no possibility of any of the biased programs offered for cutting being cut, it is also duplicitous.  Activists think they are making a difference, when a couple of million is a drop in the bucket.  While it sounds like a fortune to you and me, it is nothing when it comes to a deficit that is rounded off in the billions, as the good people at e-politics point out.
The activists feel as if they are affecting policy and changing spending, and they are not.  It creates some warm and fuzzy feelings for a few, and, as usual the party of No, and Eric Cantor, its indefatigable Dr. No, manage to appear to be effecting change where none exists.  This is dishonest.
If true democracy by the people, for the people, as Mr. Cantor opined at the outset of this silly, expensive program, were to be the result of anything done in his office, Mr. Cantor would be actually listening to his constituents in Virginia’s 7th district, sitting down with them, meeting with them to hear their concerns.  Instead, he duly reports to a plethora of fundraisers for not only himself, but for his Republican buddies around the nation.  His star in his party has always been his unique ability for fundraising, and nothing else.  If you read any history, they all mention his uncanny fundraising abilities.  Perhaps this isn’t even ability, but just a continuation of the nepotic legacies of his predecessors, Roy Blount and Tom DeLay.

There seems to be no purpose to what he does aside from power lust.   Helping people?  Has the thought ever crossed his mind?  To him, everything is a political game, and he never has helped a single person who is not in a position to write him a $4800 check.   If it better suited his aim for power, I have no doubt he would be a Democrat instead of a Republican.  He will say or do anything to be as powerful as possible.

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