Virginia’s government has no place for anti-Semitism

Fred Malek is now the chairman of Bob McDonnell’s Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring.  Governor McDonnell established this commission just after taking office in January.  Obviously, it was an important part of his agenda.  However, one must question his choice of chairman.
Fred Malek is no ordinary citizen; he has had a long-standing conservative political career, and is the worst that Washington, D.C., has to offer.  Colin Powell called Malek Nixon’s “disciplinarian” after he demoted several Jewish employees of the Department of Labor and Statistics at Nixon’s bizarre, anti-Semitic request.  Malek denied writing a memo to Nixon on the subject, despite physical evidence to the contrary.  To this day, Malek lies about this.
There seems to be little that is honest or straightforward about Malek: how is he going to help Virginia when his own banking infidelities cost him $250,000 in fines in the last 5 years?  He’s taken Sarah Palin under his wing ever since the 2008 presidential election, and on his blog last year he gushed about Bob McDonnell and our own 7th District Congressman, Eric Cantor.
Here is what he said about Cantor: “a forceful and clear-thinking leader with energy, charm, and smarts. His rise from working in his family’s small business and then the Virginia legislature to a leadership role in the House GOP caucus is a true testament to his talent and dedication. My guess is he has what it takes to become Speaker of the House, and I’d bet that one day he will.”  You can find the entire post here
Maybe the fawning ingratiation from Malek is why Cantor, the only Jewish member of the Congressional Republican caucus, has remained mum on Malek’s anti-Semitic past. 
Whether Malek and Cantor are chummy or not, Virginia cannot stand for public officials who consider those of one race or creed inherently inferior to others.    Rick Waugh respectfully requests that Governor McDonnell replace Malek as chair of the Commission.   Rick Waugh also suggests that he and Eric Cantor can stand together in making this request.  Mr. Cantor, Virginia’s government has no place for anti-Semitism.  Please use your influence with Governor McDonnell to speak out against anti-Semitism. 

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