Eric Cantor Drifts Further Right

Tom Graves was elected Tuesday to the 9th District congressional seat in Georgia.  He was supported by Eric Cantor, despite other Republican candidates vying for the seat.  Graves has some recent professional financial difficulties , but neither voters nor Cantor seem to mind the defendant/candidate dichotomy.  Graves was also financially supported by “Club For Growth“, a Pro-Ayn Rand group which is associated with assisting Tea Party candidates across the nation.  They gave him $200,000.  I can’t help but think the ideologies of Club for Growth and The Tea Partiers will one day clash, but it seems to be a good working relationship now.
Here in the 7th District of Virginia, we are wondering why Eric Cantor is involving himself in elections and issues that have nothing to do with us.  After 10 years of it, I don’t know why we would question it anymore.  It doesn’t lessen our OUTRAGE at the waste of resources that could be used in the district, or helping the working people of America.  Cantor says that is what he does, but it just is not what he does.

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