Will Cantor stand against anti-Semitism if the anti-Semite is a Republican?

Here is a copy of the signed memorandum from Fred Malek to Nixon’s Chief of Staff (and later Lompoc Federal Prisoner) Bob Haldeman, domoting Jewish officials from “sensitive” positions at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This memo also assures President Nixon/Haldeman the remaining officials are Republican loyalists.  Is that how Malek is going to “restructure” Virginia’s government?  And what happened to small government, anyhow?
It is unbelievable Mr. Cantor will not opine on this travesty.  As we and others have indicated, this is not Malek’s only problem with honesty and positive values.

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Seventh District Congressman ERIC CANTOR, met with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in March specifically to promote offshore oil drilling.  Cantor has been promoting drilling in Virginia’s waters as soon as next year!   Has Cantor not heard of the BP catastrophe?
Even in the midst of an oil spill that scientists suggest may be the single greatest natural disaster in American history,  Eric Cantor has not backed down from his “Drill, Baby, Drill!”  position. (A report on the Salazar meeting is here.) At a time when currents from the Gulf could bring oil all the way up to the shores of North Carolina, Eric Cantor STILL has been advocating for offshore drilling in Virginia’s waters as soon as 2011.

Is this what you want to see when you visit the Virginia shore?  Here’s a more interesting question: why is Eric Cantor so in love with oil?  We know that oil lines the pockets of some of Cantor’s friends, but we also know that our oil dependence is the equivalent of a U.S. government stimulus for the petro-dictators who are our national-security threats.   The effort spent seeking new locations to drill oil in the U.S. is effort and money that could be spent on clean solutions, on adapting our economy so that we are no longer dependent on the whims of Saudi Arabia’s government.  No matter how much we drill here, we will still need to get almost 90% of our oil from overseas.  Why does Cantor insist on a stimulus for Saudi Arabia and Nigeria and Venezuela?   The American economy needs help right here at home.

Oil and gas PACs contributed over $4 million dollars to Congress during the current election cycle.  Republicans received 65% of the oil and gas industry’s largesse.  

Mr. Cantor, Congratulations, your PAC made the most money this current election cycle to donate to other Republican candidates around the country.

Is it all for something like this?

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Eric Cantor says he will listen-but it’s going to cost you!

Eric Cantor says he will listen-but it’s going to cost you!

We should be thrilled Eric Cantor and his Republican colleagues are providing a platform for Americans to “speak out”.  However, our tax dollars are paying for it.  That’s right, instead of asking the Republican National Committee to pay, which is the normal course for a Campaign project, the GOP is running it through their minority offices in the House.  You and I will be paying for this!  Find out details here
Standard Newswire tells us here Cantor and other party leaders are making it very clear what the agenda for this website is, and it isn’t for all Americans.  The agenda is for Americans with conservative agendas!   Check it out for yourself here.  It is a campaign tool for Republicans and nothing else.

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Meet Rick Waugh in Richmond this weekend!

There are two events this Memorial Day weekend to give you the opportunity to meet Rick in person. Spread the word and bring friends.  Both events are free and open to the public.

This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of all Americans, and let your voice be heard in the 7th District.

Meet Rick Waugh – Democratic Candidate for 7th District:

Saturday May 29th from 2-4pm

The Home of Finis Cook, Hosted by Finis Cook and Michelle Collins-Robinson located in the 23236 zip.  RSVP yes & we’ll send you the details.

Sunday May 30th at 5-7pm

Capital Ale House (Midlothian)

Hosted by Pat Clement & Brenda Hill

13831 Village Place Dr. Midlothian, VA 23114

Reply to this post to RSVP (required) so we can let our gracious hosts know how many to expect.

Be sure to visit Rick’s site at http://www.rickwaugh.com

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Why won’t Cantor make a statement on Title 2?

Even if we are very generous with our friend Eric Cantor, his position on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 seems reluctant at best.   He STILL has not bothered to come out and personally correct his statement from last week’s Washington Journal.   Furthermore, his communications director’s statement is arguably a non-denial denial: even Rand Paul had said he supports the Civil Rights Act, but Paul made remarks in opposition of Title 2 of the Act.  Why won’t Cantor come out himself and make a statement on Title 2 of the Act?  We can only conclude Cantor is trying to play both sides of the issue.  Cf: (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/postpartisan/2010/05/eric_cantor_dodges_civil_right.html)

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Virginia’s government has no place for anti-Semitism

Fred Malek is now the chairman of Bob McDonnell’s Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring.  Governor McDonnell established this commission just after taking office in January.  Obviously, it was an important part of his agenda.  However, one must question his choice of chairman.
Fred Malek is no ordinary citizen; he has had a long-standing conservative political career, and is the worst that Washington, D.C., has to offer.  Colin Powell called Malek Nixon’s “disciplinarian” after he demoted several Jewish employees of the Department of Labor and Statistics at Nixon’s bizarre, anti-Semitic request.  Malek denied writing a memo to Nixon on the subject, despite physical evidence to the contrary.  To this day, Malek lies about this.
There seems to be little that is honest or straightforward about Malek: how is he going to help Virginia when his own banking infidelities cost him $250,000 in fines in the last 5 years?  He’s taken Sarah Palin under his wing ever since the 2008 presidential election, and on his blog last year he gushed about Bob McDonnell and our own 7th District Congressman, Eric Cantor.
Here is what he said about Cantor: “a forceful and clear-thinking leader with energy, charm, and smarts. His rise from working in his family’s small business and then the Virginia legislature to a leadership role in the House GOP caucus is a true testament to his talent and dedication. My guess is he has what it takes to become Speaker of the House, and I’d bet that one day he will.”  You can find the entire post here
Maybe the fawning ingratiation from Malek is why Cantor, the only Jewish member of the Congressional Republican caucus, has remained mum on Malek’s anti-Semitic past. 
Whether Malek and Cantor are chummy or not, Virginia cannot stand for public officials who consider those of one race or creed inherently inferior to others.    Rick Waugh respectfully requests that Governor McDonnell replace Malek as chair of the Commission.   Rick Waugh also suggests that he and Eric Cantor can stand together in making this request.  Mr. Cantor, Virginia’s government has no place for anti-Semitism.  Please use your influence with Governor McDonnell to speak out against anti-Semitism. 

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The Cynical Politics of YouCut

Eric Cantor’s YouCuts program is nothing more than posturing and preening for a gullible, angry demographic.  With no possibility of any of the biased programs offered for cutting being cut, it is also duplicitous.  Activists think they are making a difference, when a couple of million is a drop in the bucket.  While it sounds like a fortune to you and me, it is nothing when it comes to a deficit that is rounded off in the billions, as the good people at e-politics point out.
The activists feel as if they are affecting policy and changing spending, and they are not.  It creates some warm and fuzzy feelings for a few, and, as usual the party of No, and Eric Cantor, its indefatigable Dr. No, manage to appear to be effecting change where none exists.  This is dishonest.
If true democracy by the people, for the people, as Mr. Cantor opined at the outset of this silly, expensive program, were to be the result of anything done in his office, Mr. Cantor would be actually listening to his constituents in Virginia’s 7th district, sitting down with them, meeting with them to hear their concerns.  Instead, he duly reports to a plethora of fundraisers for not only himself, but for his Republican buddies around the nation.  His star in his party has always been his unique ability for fundraising, and nothing else.  If you read any history, they all mention his uncanny fundraising abilities.  Perhaps this isn’t even ability, but just a continuation of the nepotic legacies of his predecessors, Roy Blount and Tom DeLay.

There seems to be no purpose to what he does aside from power lust.   Helping people?  Has the thought ever crossed his mind?  To him, everything is a political game, and he never has helped a single person who is not in a position to write him a $4800 check.   If it better suited his aim for power, I have no doubt he would be a Democrat instead of a Republican.  He will say or do anything to be as powerful as possible.

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